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Speaking of Apps

drawMD for … SLP?

Published September 10, 2012 7:58 AM by Megan Sutton

Medical SLPs often use anatomical models to explain various voice, speech, and swallowing conditions to patients and family. Wouldn't it be great to be able to send a copy of the model and education home with the patient to review as needed? With the drawMD ENT app for iPad, one of 11 free apps developed for medical communication, this process is easy. It's almost as if this app were designed for SLPs.


drawMD Otolaryngology contains 11 basic anatomical background images as well as the ability to import your own images. Selecting one, such as the "Face and Neck, Sagittal View" above, creates a handout page. To pre-populate your name and contact details, go to the "Settings" app of the iPad and find drawMD ENT in the apps list to fill the information before patient contact. Once the background images loads, the Stamp tools offer quick alterations to the image to show features such as tracheostomies or cut-aways of the anatomy. Drawing and text tools allow you to easily make notes or drawings to augment the illustration.


Once you've explained the dysfunction or procedure, pressing the Send button will either print the page or e-mail it as a PDF or image attachment to the patient. If you've created something you'd like to use again, save the image within the app.  The app contains detailed instructions on how to use each feature along with a list of the stamps available for each background.

While the included backgrounds limit this app to discussion of certain head and neck pathologies, the ability to import any image makes this app even more useful. Imagine importing illustrations of aspiration, neuroanatomy, articulation, or even images from a patient's own scan or swallow study!  Here, I've imported a screenshot from an app called Speech Tutor (review coming soon) to explain to a client how to make the /m/ sound.  After making a few notes, I can easily e-mail this home for review and practice between sessions.




Remember back in 2012 when I told you about drawMD ENT and said "it's almost as if this app were designed

March 10, 2014 2:23 PM

Thanks for the insgiht. It brings light into the dark!

Janine Janine, SMQqgiCWSPoRCC - abnIEeAZEDkso, BobDkRRLG October 24, 2012 2:30 AM

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