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Speaking of Apps

What's Inside of SpeechBox?

Published January 10, 2013 10:36 AM by Jeremy Legaspi
SpeechBox is in app developed by a father of a child with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Upon opening the app you encounter a menu of a variety of SpeechBoxes each containing a speech sound. Once you open a box it is sorted into initial, medial, and final word positions. There are 10 category boxes also available such as food, clothing, and farm animals.

Some Nice Features

This app has some nice features including more than 700 pictures, adding your own pictures and boxes, creating your own prompts, selection of voice prompt gender, and the ability to share your boxes with others. The ability to share and create your own pictures and prompts is a nice feature especially for therapists or parents wanting to add pictures of specific words or family members that need to be targeted.


Some Drawbacks

Keeping in mind that this app was designed and developed by a father of someone with CAS, there are some drawbacks for use in speech therapy. This app has more of a straight articulation approach rather than the needed motor-learning approach that should be used with children with CAS. For example, the app contains mostly one syllable words and if you are familiar with CAS, one syllable words are a great starting point but to develop motor planning you need to incorporate other syllable structures. I know there are some updates coming and hopefully these will be addressed. There is some slight delays in some of the boxes load time, as well as the consonant /w/ listed as having a final position where this is more of a vowel and it's just the grapheme that is final.

I applaud this developer for creating something for his son and hope that these corrections are made in future updates of the app.


SpeechBox $19.99 available for iPad in the App Store

posted by Jeremy Legaspi


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