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Speaking of Apps


Published January 30, 2013 9:37 AM by Jeremy Legaspi

"Modeling and instructing the client to use easy voluntary prolongations at the beginning of

phrases facilitates easy onset of voice, continuous voice production, and reduces laryngeal

tension as well as allows for a reduction of subglottal air pressure prior to voice

production." - Dr. Peter Ramig

Fluently, by Balbus Speech, is a real time speech monitor that detects dysfluent moments. The app has  a simple interface with the ability to adjust the monitor's sensitivity. If you are speaking fluently the green light in the center stays green but if a dysfluency or with out the use of your easy onsets it is detected and the light will turn red. The main focus of this app is to utilize the fluency shaping technique of "easy onsets."


As you can see the app is designed with simplicity in mind making it easy to use. My client that I used it with was a 5 year old and may have been a tad young because he just didn't understand the apps purpose as he would just hit the light to turn it back to green.

Some things that I would like to see in a future update is perhaps the ability to track the number of moments detected over a period of time. The ability to record the speech sample would also be useful with live play back so you can see the moments when the sensor has detected a dyslfuency. Overall this is another solid app by Balbus Speech, to work on fluency with a child who stutters.

Fluently $9.99 by Blabus Speech available for iPhone and iPad


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