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Speaking of Apps

Zones of Regulation

Published May 22, 2013 10:40 AM by Jeremy Legaspi

If you work with children with autism or have difficulty regulating their emotions, you most likely have come across The Zones of Regulation.

The Zones of Regulation itself is a curriculum that was developed by an occupational therapist named Leah Kuypers. She specializes in autism, ADHD and anxiety and developed the Zones, which incorporates Social Thinking concepts, to help teach these children self-regulation. The Zones app was developed to support the program and acts as a companion. 

There are four colored zones Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue that help describe how the child is feeling.



To engage with the app you select one of four characters and your mission is to learn about the zones as you encounter events presented to you as questions. You will use your knowledge of the zones to answer questions to earn coins.

As you earn coins, you can use them to upgrade your character's shoes and clothes. You will also gain knowledge to put in to your Zones of Regulation Tool Box. To trigger one of these events you simply walk your character into a colored "magic circle" which is pictured below.

Below is an example of a triggered event and the question that is asked.

As you gain knowledge about the zones and add to your toolbox you eventually will become a Zones of Regulations ultimate legend. When this is achieved a new part of the town is unlocked which allows you to play the Stop, Opt, and Go mini game. In the mini game you collect coins and must answer questions at each stop sign.


Overall I think this app will make a good companion piece to the full curriculum. It offers another way to access the content and to gauge if the child is learning and using it effectively. I would discourage buying it if the child you are using it with is not already using the Zones or has a good working knowledge of them.

The Zones of Regulation App is available for $4.99 on Apple, Google, and Amazon products!


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