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Speaking of Apps

It's Done!

Published May 28, 2013 1:27 PM by Megan Sutton

Most "reminder" apps help people remember future events, but those with memory impairments need help remembering past events. Did I feed the dog or remember to lock the door? It's Done is an app designed for those with short-term memory loss  (e.g. TBI, dementia) to remind users what they've already done.

It's Done allows users to input a number of routine daily tasks as well as unique events to mark as completed. The app can give reminders as well as notify others when a task is completed via text message or email. Concerned spouses or children may find it reassuring to receive these notifications that their loved ones are taking care of themselves.



As with any cognitive aid, the most difficulty part can be remembering to use it; the user must set up each task and remember to check it off when it's done. While this adds an extra unfamiliar step to every task, it may be worth it for the peace of mind it provides later, and the act of marking it done may aid memory as well.  Though this app is only available for iPhone, it is the most appropriate device given the need for frequent use and portability. It's Done is available for $2.99 on the App Store, and there are reports of an Android version in the works.



This app was mentioned several times during the ASHA Special Interest Group 2 web chat on May 16 entitled "Making Cognitive Connections Using Cognitive Prosthetics and Apps" with Michelle Ranae Wild. Her website focuses on training people with brain injury to use apps as cognitive prosthetics. There are a number of app reviews as well as monthly webinars that demonstrate different apps. Each webinar is archived, so you can watch all the past videos anytime. You can scroll through the entire web chat archive if you have an ASHA website login.

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