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Speaking of Apps

Hey Bear! What Do You Hear?

Published June 12, 2013 11:28 AM by Jeremy Legaspi
Listen Up Bear is a fun app based on the classic kids tune "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," but in this version it is not to see what he can see but instead to hear what he can hear! The app itself is designed by a speech-language pathologist from Canada but who is currently practicing in Mexico.

The premise of the app is fairly simple: you wake up the bear in his cave and he ventures out and up the mountain to see what he can hear and along the way encounters  the animals he hears. The animals that the bear can potentially hear are:  a bee, cat, chicken, monkey, duck, dog, frog, owl and a sheep. You have the option to select from the real animal sounds or have your client record their own version of the sounds, which is of course perfect for speech therapy and sound approximations. There are lots of opportunities to target early developing consonants from the cat's "meow" to the sheep's "baaaah" or just target some vowel approximations like the monkey's "oo ee" or the owl's "ooooo."  You can even work on sequencing skills by taking screen shots of the animals and cutting them out or even predicating skills by having the child try to predict the next animal they are going to hear.

When the child hears the sounds, a screen pops up with multiple choices of four animals to choose from in order to find out which animal it really is!  There is also an option to choose from about nine different languages from English to French to Mandarin.

Listen Up Bear- $1.99 available for iPad




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I don't have an ipad, are there other means such as cd, book or other.  Sounds really great!!

Rosemary, retired - SLP July 29, 2013 1:19 PM
San Antonio TX

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