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Speaking of Apps

Anatomy Drawings for SLPs

Published March 10, 2014 2:15 PM by Megan Sutton

Remember back in 2012 when I told you about drawMD ENT and said "it's almost as if this app were designed for SLPs"? Well, now there actually is a medical anatomy app designed just for SLPs! Visible Health has given us even more anatomical drawings specific to the needs of Speech-Language Pathologists in their new app drawMD Speech-Language Pathology.

The full-color anatomical drawings include:

  • Head, Sagittal View with stamps for cutaway, laryngectomy, various tongue positions, and tracheostomy
  • Oral Cavity with stamps for various clefts, lingual frenulum, and bifid uvula
  • Larynx, Transverse View with stamps for nodules, webs, paralysis, reflux, and other vocal fold growths
  • Palate with stamps to show clefts and a palate expander
  • Larynx, Coronal View with stamps to show the trachea, larynx, hyoid, carotid artery, and vagus nerve
  • Brain, Left Side with stamps for a colored/labeled overlay
  • Thoracic with stamps for the lungs, heart, ribs, and diaphragm



Start with the drawings, a blank page, or import your own photo or drawing. Then use the stamp tool to add anatomical details to the area of the body you're educating your client about. The stamps can even be resized, faded, rotated, and reordered.  Use the pen to add arrows or draw your own sketches. A text tool lets you type anywhere on the drawing to add labels. Save drawings, print them, or email them directly to the client. You can add your name and contact info too (though the app still says "Physician's Name" despite this being the first drawMD app for allied health professionals).



For those who work with clients with hearing impairment, the drawMD ENT app may still be more useful. For those who don't need drawings of the ears, this app should cover all your anatomy needs for adult speech pathology. All the models are fully-grown, so if you're dealing with very little people, some adjustments may be required.



The developer is very open to feedback, and creating an account within the app makes it easy to request new artwork and access saved drawings and information between devices. Personally, I'd love to see the following additions:

  • Add stamps to the Brain view to show subcortical structures, label Broca's area, and show the cerebral arteries
  • Add a Brain, Transverse View with stamps for the cranial nerves
  • To the Head, add stamps for different tracheostomy arrangements (without cuff, with speaking valve), a nasogastric feeding tube, and an endoscope
  • Add a Head, Coronal View to show unilateral facial droop for stroke and Bell's palsy at rest and when smiling
  •  Add dysphagia illustrations with bolus locations, residue, penetration, and aspiration
  • Pediatric illustrations for infant feeding disorders and childhood speech impairments

Overall, this is another fantastic, free app to add to your iPad for more customized and convenient patient education.  Download drawMD SLP from the App Store.


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