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Speaking of Apps

Copy Me

Published March 17, 2014 2:14 PM by Jeremy Legaspi

Copy Me by Game Studio (Free) is a game developed to serve as an emotional development aid which may be helpful for children on with ASD. It was developed as a research product at the University of Technology, in Sydney, Australia. This app works by using facial recognition technology to track the users face via the iPad's front facing camera to match it to the predetermined emotion.

The emotions interface is broken down into:  Basic- Happy and Sad   Medium- Happy, Sad, Surprised, and Angry   Hard- Hapy, Sad, Surpised, Angry, Scared and Yucky.



This would be a nice addition to your therapy tool box. I found that sometimes you have to really exaggerate the facial expressions to get the software to recognize it. I think forcing an exaggeration of the facial expressions is a good thing because a majority of the children who I work with often have a hard time approximating anything other than happy, sad, or angry.  Through the facial recognition portion of the software the user can receives some kinesthetic awareness of how their own face should feel to convey these emotions.  That being said you will probably using this with an older child as a  younger child might become frustrated. If you do download the app fill out the quick survey to help them improve it!

Click here to get COPY ME for FREE on the App Store

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