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Speaking of Apps

Vowel Viz & Vowel Viz Schools

Published March 31, 2014 12:23 PM by Jeremy Legaspi

Vowel Viz, ($29.99) by Complete Speech, is designed to show your vowel productions in real time. To accomplish this your vowel productions are plotted on the vowel quadrilateral. The plots are based on the app's recognition of the vowel formants (Remember those from speech science class??). The visualization uses a "vowel tail" to represent where the vowel is currently located in the vocal tract. The app is designed for people working on accent reduction or just vowels in general. As an SLP whose client base is 100% pediatric I was excited for the potential this had in the area of childhood apraxia of speech. The verdict after a few months of using this app with a variety of different clients (ages 2-5) was that they were for the most part unable to understand what we were trying to accomplish while using the app.

What I wanted from the app was some pictures that the child could approximate their "vowel tail" over to. For example if we were attempting the "oo" sound from "moo" I think there should be a cow that the "vowel tail" can travel to as they attempt to approximate it.  That being said Complete Speech just released Vowel Viz for Schools K-12 ($49.99) a pediatric friendly version of the app. The changes that are included are flashcards for each vowel and three different themes.  VowelViz schools is a separate app from the Standard version of VowelViz that will receive its own updates.  VowelViz schools is designed so that additional themes, flashcard sets, and other features can be added at a later time.  


   The new themes include default, flowers, and, planets.  In the flower and planet themes the IPA symbols for the vowels become either flower or planets. The "vowel tail" then becomes wither a bee or a space ship. The edition of these themes make them much friendlier for the pediatric population. Flying the bee or space ship to the respective flower or planet should prove to be fun for a majority of children!

Vowel Viz- $29.99

Vowel Viz Schools- $49.99

*Current VowelViz users will receive an update to the Standard VowelViz in early to mid April that will enable them to update to VowelViz schools via an in-app purchase.  The price of the upgrade will be the difference between the two apps

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Adapting technology to meet more needs.

posted by Jeremy Legaspi


What a great complement to a set of HearFones!  

Pete Mickelson April 4, 2014 3:01 PM
Buxton, Maine

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