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Speaking of Apps

More High-Level Word Games

Published July 1, 2014 10:57 AM by Megan Sutton
Two weeks ago I shared four games covering categories and word searches that clients with word finding problems may enjoy. This week let's look at four more fun and therapeutic games focusing on semantic networks, compound words, and multiple meanings. Use these games in therapy sessions to teach strategies or as home practice to stimulate the brain.

Psychobabble is a free universal app that focuses on semantic networks. There is a helpful tutorial and a few free games to get you going, with more puzzle packs available for a few dollars. Start with one word, then try typing in words that go with it. Correct words will activate new nodes as the puzzle expands. This game can be very challenging, but unlimited hints are available to keep you moving through the free association cloud with a fun Freudian theme.  Save this game for your highest-level clients, or for yourself!

Chain of Thought is a free universal app with 75 free puzzles to work on word chaining. You're given a word like "jet" and you select the word from a field of 10 choices that makes a compound word or phrase, such as "pack." Then you find the word from the nine remaining options to go with "pack", which is "rat." Each puzzle has two five-word chains. There are a limited number of hints available if you get stuck, and the app can be set to easy, medium or hard difficulty. This is a great game for working on reading, semantics, flexible thought, non-literal language and impulsivity.

Get+Together is from the same developer as Chain of Thought, but provides a simpler way of working on compound words using pictures instead of text. While somewhat more child-focused with the design, this app can be used without offense by most adults as the answers require a strong vocabulary. Given a definition such as "aquatic animal with whiskers," the user selects the pictures of the cat and the fish from the eight choices. You can turn on the words to go with the pictures if you want to make it somewhat easier. This is a nice free universal app to discuss what words mean and how the resulting compound word is different from the two parts.

4 Pics 1 Word is a popular game that can be used in therapy to work on flexible thinking for multiple meanings. Given four pictures, you must spell the word suggested with the letters provided. Sometimes the pictures are variations of the same meaning, but often they depict different meanings or more abstract concepts and can get quite challenging. Hints are available but limited, each puzzle is of very different difficulty, and ads may get in the way (just play in airplane mode), but it's worth checking out this free universal app.

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posted by Megan Sutton


Good Post.

Ejob India July 7, 2014 5:59 AM
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