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Speaking of Apps

An App for Correct Verb Tense

Published August 11, 2014 9:21 AM by Ashley Brannon
Tense Builder is an app that has become one of my favorite apps for training correct verb tense.

So, what do you get for the $9.99 app? You receive 48 video lessons (with an expansion planned to increase to 58). You can select regular or irregular verbs and choose random or specific verbs to train from the list. Each verb is targeted in past, present, or future tense. Each of the verbs includes a video clip and lesson to train correct verb tense.  

For children who are on the spectrum, this is a great way to train verbs. The children get the benefit of using videos to see the verbs in motion rather than just looking at pictures. They are more engaged and I can see more possibility for generalization as well. I often provide training during the videos to show the progression of the verbs as they happen. The children I have used this app with have also enjoyed the humorous aspect portrayed in the clips.

There are two levels of difficulty to choose from:

Level 1: The child can watch the video clip for each verb selected and then select the picture that represents the part of the video that would identify the specific tense being targeted.

Level 2: The child can watch the video clip for the selected verb and then select the correct word or phrase that best completes a sentence using the appropriate verb tense as indicated. The words are spoken aloud as the child touches them so that the reading burden is reduced for younger children.

Following each video, the child will choose the correct picture or word/phrase that best shows the targeted verb tense. The child is then prompted to use the correct verb tense in an expressive task. This can be recorded for feedback as well.

Data collection is easily emailed or saved to the device. If you choose Stats in the app settings, you are brought to a screen where you have the option to email the stats or print them. This is a great tool for sharing data with parents and teachers. This app is very thorough in the ability to assess student's ability level with a goal as well as use as a teaching tool. In addition, you can use these videos to train basic story sequencing and answering simple questions.

If you are looking for a new way to work on verbs or other expressive language targets, you can't go wrong with this app.

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posted by Ashley Brannon


Speaking of Apps : An App for Correct Verb Tense

September 11, 2014 6:06 PM

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