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Speaking of Apps

An App for Action Words

Published September 5, 2014 12:24 PM by Lynn LaValley
If you are like me, in the past you've been frustrated trying to teach action words using still pictures.  Well, now there's an answer... Actions in Video.  This app was designed by Geraldine Moran, a fellow speech-language pathologist,  to work on acquiring action words, and using them to create sentences.  The free version allows you to explore the app prior to purchase, and although the full version is more than I like to spend, it is worth the $33.99. 

Visual reinforcement and color coded support for sentence creation help with error-less learning for your patients.  There are 49 action words targeted, with 3 videos for each. The action words can create two basic sentence structures: Person and Action; Person, Action, and Object.  Using this app, a speech-language pathologist is able to record their patient's sentence. Its simplicity makes it user-friendly for those very young, as well as those with various diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down's Syndrome, and even those with acquired brain injury, Aphasia, or word-finding difficulties. 

The various levels - Easy (2 choices), Intermediate (4 choices), and Difficult (4 choices mixed) - allow this app to grow with clients as they progress.  Using video modeling and real people may promote generalization. 

One drawback from this app that so many apps now offer is data collection. I have become accustomed to using data collection systems within apps, and was surprised that a fellow speech-language pathologist created Actions in Videos without putting one in place. I am hoping that updates in the future will allow us to video our clients doing the action and using the sentence formulation as is. 

I highly recommend this app to everyone, as it makes sense to see an action instead of a still picture when teaching action words. 

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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Speaking of Apps : An App for Action Words

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