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Speaking of Apps

Guess What, Who, Where?

Published October 27, 2014 12:50 PM by Ashley Brannon

"Guess What," "Guess Who," and "Guess Where," are apps from I Can Do Apps. I purchased the set in an iTunes bundle for $4.99 however each can be purchased separately for $1.99 as well.  I have tons of apps that do a lot of cool things for speech therapy. I like these apps because they just get to the basics without all the fluff to target vocabulary, problem solving, and answering questions.

ADVANCE thanks I Can Do Apps

These three apps are very simple to use. Each focuses on the use of four clues to determine one answer dependent on which app you chose to name the object, person, or place being described. The makers designed the apps to target educational skills including inferencing, making predictions, and deductive reasoning skills. As SLPs, we know the importance of making inferences within text and reading proficiency. These skills are important in early reading comprehension and use of context clues to derive meaning from text when something is implied but not directly stated. In addition, we use this same kind of activity to target word finding for children and adults who have deficits in this area.

Using each app is simple.  The student or clinician can manually reveal the clues one at a time and discuss each clue.  The clinician may choose to the read clue aloud or let the student read the clue to target more reading fluency and comprehension. After each clue, discuss what kinds of objects, people, or places each clue may relate to. There are 4 clues for each target. You may press the answer button when you think you have the answer to reveal the photograph and written word indicating the correct answer. The answer can only be seen after at least two clues are viewed. 
See below for Example pictures from each app:

Guess What?


Guess Who?

Guess Where?

In conclusion, if you are looking for a few very easy to operate apps to target inferencing and word retrieval, these are great!  I love the use of real photographs and simple backdrops that do not distract clients of any age. The vocabulary and pictures cover a vast range and can also be used to further enhance the vocabulary of your student or adult client.  

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posted by Ashley Brannon


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