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Speaking of Apps

Word Retrieval Games

Published November 3, 2014 11:48 AM by Ashley Brannon

This is the newest game from Jay Bacal in a line of games designed for word retrieval and cognitive stimulation.  As with his other games, this one is offered as a free app. In this game of anagrams, the players begin with a set of scrambled letters.  You must then read the category and hint to determine the answer.  Using the set of letters, you will then drag the letters to form different words.  There are sometimes multiple correct answers available so you can "rinse and repeat" to find them all. A category and hint are provided for each to help you solve the puzzle.  In addition, you may choose to "show letter" which will help you put letters in order until the answer is found. I find that this is a great game for helping with processing information and mental organization as well.


Just Saying
This is another game from Jay Bacal, which involves mixed up phrases.  You begin with a set of three famous sayings or phrases that have been mixed up.  Your mission is to drag the words into the correct order to solve the puzzles. This game also allows for use of hints: "first word" and "first saying."  In addition, you may shuffle words randomly, skip puzzles, or allow the game to solve the puzzle for you as you are learning.


This is a classic game is which you are given a set of 7 letters to form as many different words as you can.  Some hints are provided which show how many possible word choices can be made.  As you progress, some of these words will also show letter hints to help you come up with more answers. You may choose a timed version or you can work on puzzles over the course of several sessions until you have completed them.  This is a single player game however, and does not allow for multiple games to be saved on the same device. I would like to see a section added to this game that gives an overview of the directions and play though for new users.  I think that most individuals should catch on quickly though. This game is great for working on mental manipulation of letters, short-term memory, sequencing, and word retrieval. Check it out in the app store.


posted by Ashley Brannon


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