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Speaking of Apps

Articulation Vacation

Published January 7, 2015 12:36 PM by Ashley Brannon
Virtual Speech Center Inc. has designed their newest articulation app around a vacation theme with 4 mini games. These innovative games cycle through as the students target their articulation goals in word, sentence, or story level. This has become my new favorite articulation app. It offers more than the typical matching games and flash cards to keep children engaged. My current students have been very receptive and motivated with the new app as well.

As with other apps from this company, the SLP has the option to use multiple players and control the settings. You may choose the phonemes to target for each student and select what position each phoneme is targeted in. I love that common consonant blends are also included. I have found that it is preferable to select only one phoneme per student at a time since you will need to cycle through 20 targets before the app will progress to the next phoneme for each student.

The mini games consist of the following:

Fishing Theme


Beach Treasure Hunt

Picture Taking

Parachute Game

In addition, when selecting phonemes in stories, the child will be presented with a postcard to read.

During game play, the SLP has the option to keep track of data by indicating whether the target phoneme was correct, incorrect or approximated. There is also the option to record the student's productions and have it played back for additional self-feedback. Each student's scores are calculated at the end of the set or when the games are "finished" as determined by the clinician. You may also choose to email the scores.

This app has been a huge hit for me and I hope that you will like it too.

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posted by Ashley Brannon


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