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Speaking of Apps

Constant Therapy App Overview

Published April 28, 2015 4:27 PM by the Bloggers

By Jordyn Sims, MS, CCC-SLP

With the emergence of technology in speech-language-pathology there have been many benefits to clinicians' productivity and access to therapy materials, particularly in the world of apps.

Constant Therapy is one of those apps, providing an evidence-based solution that is free for clinicians. Clinicians can collaborate with patients in one-on-one therapy sessions and can provide homework to patients.

Constant Therapy is an app that came out of research at Boston University and is designed for persons with communication disorders, such as aphasia, TBI, dementia, and other learning disorders affecting cognition and/or language. There are 63 different tasks with over 12,000 items that address issues within cognitive and language domains.
The app contains a wide variety of cognition and language tasks with varying levels of difficulty within tasks. Language tasks range from auditory tasks at the sound level to reading tasks at the paragraph.

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There are cognition tasks focusing on attention, mental rotation, problem solving (including math skills), memory, visual processing, and flexibility. 

Many of the tasks are directly functional (like map reading, clock math, and voicemail, to name a few).  And all of them are evidence-based - actually a recent study proved the efficacy of the entire app (Read the full study here). The app is also very adult appropriate.

The app tracks all progress for you, generates notes with data you can use for documentation, and has several really nice graph features that make data visual and accessible to you, your patient, and their caregivers if they choose!

Constant Therapy also has a homework subscription function for clients (with up to 30 days of a free trial to make sure it works for the client and is subscription-based after the trial - and the company offers scholarships if there is a financial need).

Either you as the clinician can manage the homework, or you can have the app manage it for you automatically (it updates tasks for clients based on their performance).  The tasks are ideal for home carryover, as the patient can do them independently. Plus it can save you time and money printing out and creating home practice activities! It's also a great option if you have to discharge a patient before you feel their therapy is fully completed.

Disclosure: Jordyn Sims is a speech pathologist working as a clinical consultant with Constant Therapy. Images courtesy Constant Therapy.

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