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Healthy Hospital Funding

Published November 8, 2010 11:19 AM by Tom Kerr

Healthcare executives across the country are always looking for innovative ways to raise funding to improve their hospital services. Given the current economic climate, many are "going the extra mile" to find the best solution for their facility's financial quandaries.

Just ask Steve Koch, chair of Sinai Health System in Chicago, who decided to take matters into his own hands when faced with the prospect of building a new $120 million ambulatory care center.

A few months ago, Koch encouraged his son Jacob to join him on a two-month, cross-country bike ride. Riding from Valley, CA, to St. Augustine, FL, the duo completed the ride Oct. 31, logging 3,100 miles each and raising more than $313, 000.

The Kochs chronicled their adventures in a blog. For Steve, the tour across the U.S. fulfilled three lifelong dreams: "doing something to raise money and call attention to one of the models for urban health care serving needy populations in this country - Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago; to ride a bicycle across America; and to do that ride with my son, Jacob Koch."

Sinai serves patients--many of whom are uninsured or under-insured--regardless of their ability to pay, according to the Associated Press. Sixty percent of Sinai's patients receive care that is paid for by the state, and 13 percent receive care that is not paid for at all, said Koch.

And while there's still work to be done in raising funds for the center, Koch is making his dreams come true one mile at a time.


The supposed maandte in HCR is probably what can intimidate many on both the Right and the Left. The Right wants health care at an exclusive profit, even if it means people dying for lack of coverage, and the left would like to have seen HCR pushed further to the point of either Medicare for All or in the very least a public option in order to lower health care costs.As for the products made by the Koch bros., a simple solution in order to boycott them is to simply buy generic brands of toilet paper, paper towels, plastic cups, carpet, etc.

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