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Adventures in Sleep

Have You Had Any?

Published November 11, 2008 11:01 AM by Amy Reavis

I came to work today thinking it was going to be a normal day.  I got up, dressed, drove my teenager to school because he thinks the bus is evil, and arrived at work.  I currently run a sleep lab and usually work days.  This day just went everywhere in a big hurry.  For one thing it was the day when I was doing my first marketing luncheon at a doctor's office.  Not only that but I was going there with the owner of my lab. 

I arrived, did my work, and headed for the doctor's office with the 2 lasagnas I baked for them (Just so you all know: I am a closet foodie) and met up with the owner and a home care company we were cosponsoring the lunch with.  We go upstairs, set up our equipment and our lunch, and wait. And wait.  And wait. 

An hour later the staff starts arriving. We tell them about our facility, how personalized the services is, and how we work together to get the patient taken care of from start to finish. 

That's when the question comes.  "Have you had any?" 

I looked at the person asking me and say ask "excuse me?" 

She clarifies "Have you gotten any sleep?"

I responded that I had gotten 6 hours last night and she replied she would kill to get 6 hours of sleep. 

Back when I was growing up in the 1970s and early 1980s a comment like that was always about sex.  In fact, other then making fun of our fathers for snoring like a freight train, we never talked about sleep. 

Today we ask that question because what we crave more then anything is rest.  We get up, run to work, run the kids around, do chores, talk to our friends and family, do the work we brought home with us, or the class work from the class we are taking to move up in our career, and then try to spend some quality time with out family. 

What we do not do is rest and sleep.  It has become so bad that if you google ways to improve sleep, you will get over 500,000 web pages on the subject.

Is it possible in this day and age that sleep has become the new sex?  Think about it.

posted by Amy Reavis
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