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Adventures in Sleep

Are you a Sales Person?

Published November 24, 2008 12:40 PM by Amy Reavis

Have you ever considered that fact that as sleep technicians and respiratory therapist and anyone else who deals with sleep and CPAPs that we are probably the world's greatest salespeople?

The biggest part of my job is scheduling, ordering CPAPs,and telling patients they need to come back for a second study because they have sleep apnea. In my past I have also done homecare where I would go and set up a CPAP machine for my patient.

Now you call someone after they visit the doctor and invite them to come spend a night with you. You convince the patient that you have a beautiful facility with a flat screen television, a queen size bed and quiet. The last selling point is particularly appealing to our female patients with young children. You explain that you will use tape and paste to attach some wires and that there is a video camera but no one but the doctor and your tech will see the video.

After explaining all this you set the appointment but the patient tells you they are never going to wear one of those masks because their friend told them how awful it was. They then complete the conversation by asking what happens when they are unable to fall asleep.

The night of the test comes.

You show a video that was made about 15 years ago and the only CPAP is large loud, outdated, and has a full face mask attached. The patient usually about this time says there is no way they will ever wear one of those things. You reassure them and bring out nasal pillows and a small nasal mask. We each have our favorites to use. You convince the patient to try holding it to their face and ask them to breathe through their nose.

The usual reaction is one of two. "Wow I can breathe better" or "This is too much I can not handle this."

With the second person you break out your favorite full face mask and tell them to breath through their mouth. That usually helps. You sit with the patient. You chat with them. You have them watch the football game that is on while you set up your other patient. By the time you come back they are relaxed and you have sold another person on how great a CPAP is.

It is probably the hardest sell anyone can ever make but it definitely improves lives every day.



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