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Adventures in Sleep

Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Published July 28, 2009 1:19 PM by Amy Reavis
In all new positions you will be asked to do new things.  This is true whether you are doing the same skills or whether you are adding skills you have never done before. 

In my lab, I find that the new techs have difficulty remembering how to do the paperwork and the routine chores at our facility.  They work at another facility and get used to doing it their way and then come here and want to continue their familiar routine.  I ask instead that they move out of their comfort zone and do things as we do it in our facility. 

The result is usually the same every time. RESISTANCE. People do not like to move away from their comfort zones so they try to change me and my routine to match their familiar routine. 

Sometimes they are passively resistant.  I have one tech who is absolutely fantastic, however; I have yet to have him fill out the computer page correctly. I have shown him, I have talked to him, and I have put it on his reviews and he still fills in the computer screen the way he feels comfortable. 

My experience with discomfort comes from marketing.  I do not have experience marketing but it was added to my job description.  I was not given any education in the field of marketing and the last two attempts I had had in the field I was not as successful as others. 

So how do I handle this situation? To be truthful: I avoid it when I can.  I am as human as everyone else.  Then I move past that and I create a plan.  I ask others who I admire in the field of marketing.  I read books.  Then I went out there and started visiting doctor's offices.  I have handed out information about sleep.  I have handed scripts and insurance lists.  I have gone door to door.  I have no budget so I can not buy the items that my competitors hand out.  So I just come in, smile, make small talk while telling them I am available for all questions and then I leave.

Has this gotten easier?  I believe it has but I can not tell how I am doing.  I have gotten some new orders but I am not sure if I am doing the best job I can.  Will I continue to do this?  Yes, absolutely, because you can not grow if you do not leave your comfort zone.

I may never be the world's greatest marketer but the more I do it the better I will become.  The more feedback I get the more I can change my technique to one that will be successful.  The more I read the more educated I will become.  In the end, the goal is to make the sleep lab a strong facility and to keep growing.  The nice part is as it grows, so do I.


Hang in there and you'll do great :)

I have jumped through many hoops in this field resulting in a diversified job description which nowadays is a good thing! Learn and demonstrate what you can and hopefully they'll find they can't do without a tech that can do anything they ask!

Robbie Virgo, Respiratory/Sleep - RRT, RPSGT, CCT, Gratiot Medical Center July 29, 2009 2:19 PM
Mid MI

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