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Adventures in Sleep

My First BRPT Symposium

Published September 30, 2009 9:42 AM by Amy Reavis
Attending the BRPT Symposium for the first time was a great learning experience. Having the opportunity to meet the leadership of our test body, learn how the test is created, and see where we are going in the future was very enlightening. 

The meeting started with a look back at where we came from.  They discussed how many things that are happening now were discussed back when the BRPT started.  Testing has evolved a great deal as has education.  Continuing education has been implemented.  Equipment has changed from paper studies to digital studies that eliminate the work and mess of ink and adjusting dials. 

The future is even more exciting.  There was a lot of discussion about the new credential.  You could hear both positive and negative from the room. I see this as a step in creating a future with accessible training and a way of motivating new techs to move forward. 

Licensure and state societies are moving forward although it is a tough trek. The great part is meeting the people who have been so influential in their state.  They are average technicians with a passion for the profession and are willing to help shape the future. 

BRPT Symposium Disco PartyThe entrepreneurial spirit was really alive and well in the room.  Many of the people had their own business or plans for a future business.  The real excitement though was how everyone really sees their labs as their responsibility and wanted to learn ways to improve them.  You could hear conversations about many topics and ideas being exchanged on policies and procedures, Medicare reimbursement, marketing and growth ideas.  Susan Keller Yenney talked about how she moved up to her dream job in marketing.  It was exciting.

Of course if you really want excitement you needed to come to the party.  It was great to see people let loose, dress up, and have fun. 

More insights to come...


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