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Adventures in Sleep

Looking Back to Start the Year

Published January 4, 2010 8:54 AM by Amy Reavis
The New Year always starts the same way: diets, deductibles, and resolutions. For me, I start my new year looking at what I learned and what I need to improve. I look at the books I read, the seminars I attended, the people I have met, and then I say what I want to add on to my knowledge base.

I have read a great deal about business this past year. Authors such as John Maxwell, Seth Gobin, Jeff Gitomer, and Brian Tracy have helped me to learn some sales skills, although I must admit that books really are not the best way to learn. For me, it has been trial and error and error and error. However, I have had a success or two along the way.

The seminars and events I have attended last year were educational and really let me learn about all aspects of sleep. The BRPT conference in Savannah was an eye opener about the testing a politics of sleep. It is this type of education that let me know how out of the political loop I was.

So what do I look forward to this coming year? I am enjoying teaching at a community college. I find it is challenging plus I get to share my love of sleep with other people. I am creating a newsletter for the members of the A.W.A.K.E. Orlando group. It has been slow to grow, but I have faith there is a need for a support group of this type. And I am going to work on my writing. I love writing this blog and sharing my thoughts on sleep. It has been my biggest growing experience, and I am looking forward to sharing more with you. And if you know of any authors or books I should be reading, just pass the information along.

Of course, I am always looking for the fun of sleep. You know, the strange patients who do things you never expect, like the guy who wants to bring his chihuahua with him because he knows he just cannot go to sleep unless he is listening to the dog snore in his ear. You never know what new changes will happen, with competitive bidding coming to visit again, government insurance possibly coming into play, and new equipment being created every day. I am sure this year will be as exciting as last.


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