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Adventures in Sleep

Great Teachers Make All the Difference

Published May 5, 2010 8:41 AM by Amy Reavis
I'll admit I'm a proud mama. My daughter graduates college this month. She's one of those kids many people hate. She takes her school seriously, gets great grades, and during her final art show, she sold three of her pieces.

Her accomplishments took me back to when I graduated from New Jersey's Bergen Community College in 1987 and the influence my teachers and the respiratory community had on me. My teachers loved the field. They pushed the students, and they allowed us to have as much learning time as possible. For me, a very shy girl with a significant learning disability, it was an amazing growth period. These teachers helped me to accomplish things that I would never have believed possible.

In some cases, they took the extra time to teach me hands on what I was unable to grasp from the book. Concepts like Bernoulli's principle and oxygen disassociating curve were difficult for me to comprehend, but they found ways of taking real-life examples so I could understand them.

The worst part of school for me was the timed tests. Having dyslexia and not learning to read until high school made it difficult to imagine reading the test in a short time period. Luckily, these teachers pushed me so hard that by the time I was done with the program, I had no trouble passing my CRRT exam in the time allotted.

More than two decades later, I still appreciate what these teachers shared with me. They even lit the fire for me to continue learning. This year, I graduated with my BA. What made my second degree so different was that it was taken online and required a great deal of reading and writing on my part.

This milestone makes me realize that it's time for me to give back to the community that helped me move forward in my life. I want assist those looking for a career and aren't sure if they belong. I try to do this both at the sleep lab I manage and at the community college I teach. I'm not sure I could ever be as great a teacher as any of the three men who taught me, but I will try to help those who want to learn. I will remember what it's like to be the shy girl afraid of making a mistake as I move forward in my career. And I hope that 20 years from now I will be as excited about my career as I am now.


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