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Adventures in Sleep

Are You Prepared for Special Needs Patients?

Published March 31, 2011 8:00 AM by Amy Wilson

Have you been you left alone with adult patients who require a caregiver or have special needs? I often have patients who have some disability that requires them to have constant care. Some are from nursing homes or are receiving care at home. They are scheduled to have a sleep study and when it is time to get started the caretaker is gone. This is the one night the caregiver will get a break and they are quickly out the door. Yes, they deserve a night off, but that sometimes leaves a night tech in a delicate situation.

I am happy to do what I can. But my biggest concern is that many sleep centers do not have any policies addressing these situations. Usually there is little to no medical history provided to the night tech and the patient may have limited communication.

There is also an issue with time if the tech is required to help with dressing the patient and other duties that are normally done by the caregiver.

Centers can improve quality of care by providing proper medical history and having policies in place. What does your center do to ensure that these very special patients are receiving the quality care they deserve in a safe environment?


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