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Adventures in Sleep

Why Don't People Listen?

Published April 21, 2011 9:04 AM by Penny Mehaffey
I've been plagued this month by people who seemingly aren't listening to a word I say.  Now admittedly sometimes what I have to say may not be worth hearing ... but that is not always the case. And for the purposes of this blog, we will stick with a sleep patient and leave my husband's deafness out of the loop.

Case in point: I call our sleep patients on a daily basis to remind them of their appointment for the test and to go over instructions with them and to prepare them in general for what to expect. We are physically located inside the Children's Medical Hospital, on the fourth floor which is primarily a nursing unit that also accommodates the Neuroscience testing area. We have no registration desk or check-in area. Upon arrival to the 4th floor lobby, patients are told to pick up the phone labeled sleep and let the techs know he or she has arrived. (That's a mouthful and I can see why you may have stopped listening.) So, anyway, I went through all the info with my non-listening person and then asked her if she had any questions. Her response -- and it really was priceless -- " No questions, I just come to the registration area and check in, right?" 

Curiously, things like this happen all the time. Patient's receive thorough instructions and follow-up calls only to show up the night of the test and do or say exactly the opposite. Gee whiz, it can be frustrating, especially when it drives the night tech to call for clarification. Can we just go ahead and put everybody on CPAP NOW so that their hearing will improve?? PLEASE??


We have quite a bit of paper work for pts to fill out when they arrive. I go over each page with them but it never fails they always leave at least one page blank or they fill out the top page and hand it back to me with the 8 other pages still blank.  Then when I hand it back to them they say "Oh you want me to fill all that out?"

Makes me want to say "Why do you think I gave it to you?"  

Sherry Hutchison, Sleep Disorders - RPSGT April 21, 2011 7:14 PM

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