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Adventures in Sleep

Patient Excuses for Not Wearing CPAP

Published June 9, 2011 8:14 AM by Penny Mehaffey

Excuses excuses, man they are everywhere. I myself poured out a barrel full when I was late with this blog. SORRY!

But nothing takes the cake so much as the excuses we hear in the health care profession from patients who don't comply with the advice of their doctors. I had a one recently who made me laugh out loud. I actually had to put the "excusee" on hold while I laughed. 

That got me to thinking about all the excuses for not wearing CPAP I've heard over the years. Regretfully, my mind is not as good as it once was so I could not recall the funniest I am sure. But I thought I would share my list of excuses and send out a call for excuses from all of you. I wonder how many will be the same and how  the excuses will vary from state to state, if at all.  We should have a contest for the funniest excuse ever!  Here goes...


  • My grandkids were playing with the machine and pushed the buttons so I can't wear it. (patient was asked if they contacted the vendor and replied no)
  • My dog ate the mask/hose (did not contact vendor for replacements)
  • It just comes off (once it comes off that's it ... they don't put it back on)
  • It takes my breath away (frequently heard)
  • My dog barks at it/doesn't like it
  • My grandkids are scared of it
  • I don't want my girlfriend to see it
  • I'd rather have a trach


  • I don't have anybody to watch my kids
  • I don't think my insurance will cover it
  • I am not going to wear CPAP so I don't need the test
  • My wife wakes me up when I stop breathing

And my laughing-out-loud funny excuse was: My wife doesn't think I need it!




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