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Adventures in Sleep

Best Attire for Sleep Techs?

Published June 23, 2011 9:23 AM by Penny Mehaffey
Thinking this week about work attire. What's appropriate and what's not? I have to say that in my years as a health care provider  I have seen some pretty badly dressed staff, including those ladies who wore only white from head to toe. We've come a long way in some respects. We finally agree that it is not the color of the uniform that gives you the air of professionalism. But what does? Is it important that certain areas are known  by the colors they wear? Does it matter at all what we wear to work as long as our appearance is neat and clean?

I have sat in on more than one lecture on this topic at the various conferences I've attended. One lecturer was particularly concerned that ladies with v-neck scrub tops may be revealing more than intended while performing tasks that require bending and stooping. He suggested we might consider wearing a t-shirt under our scrub tops to cover ourselves. A valid point I guess, but I remember thinking at the time that this particular concern felt a little over the top to me (no pun intended) since almost all scrub uniform tops are v-necked to some degree and are usually very modest. Right now in Augusta, Ga., our temperature is running 100-103 degrees and v-neck or no, I am not wearing two shirts.

But my real goal here was not to start up the traditional and tired uniform debate. What I have been thinking we should do is to just come to work in our pajamas. There I said it.  YES, pajamas. Why not?  It is the sleep lab after all. I think our patients would be put right at ease to see us dressed down. Especially the pediatric patients. Aren't we scary enough with all the wires and sensors and belts, (oh my!), and all the talk about sleep apnea. 

Could we just have a little fun with the pajamas?  Even if only the peds tech gets to wear them? I think that would be cool.


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