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Adventures in Sleep

It IS Possible to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Published July 14, 2011 9:40 AM by Penny Mehaffey

I attended another health fair today. I typically am involved in about 6 or so per year. Health fairs, for me at least, take on their own personality or theme. This one today for example had a lot of healthy people in attendance. A big employer for our state and just really nice people to be around ... so why am I sitting here so perplexed?

I'll tell you why. No matter how many times I hear it or am faced with it, I will never get used to people accepting poor sleep as a done deal. Smart, sensible people. Hard working, go the extra mile/get the job done people, settling for crappy sleep every single night of their lives.

WHY? I just don't get it! I look into their eyes and see they are tired. I look into their faces and can see the doubt when I offer them a solution to the bad sleep night after night. I listen to how they only sleep three hours a night or take four hours to fall asleep or get up four or five times to go to the bathroom. I listen when they say how bad they snore and how they stop breathing at night and how the wife sits up and watches to make sure they breathe. Then I watch them walk away armed with pamphlets full of helpful information knowing it most likely will go unheeded. 

Someone tell me, please, what are the magic words? What can I say that will make a difference? I say there is hope. You don't have to settle for things the way they are. You don't have to accept poor sleep.  There are things we can do. You do have options. There is help. 

Then I pack up and return to the lab and wait ... maybe they will call. Maybe they will come in for a study ... maybe I will see them again next year and they'll say things are better. Maybe.


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