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Adventures in Sleep

This Is the Year of the Sleep Technician

Published September 29, 2011 9:05 AM by Amy Reavis

I have to say this is the definitely the year that sleep technicians took responsibility for their future. This year there were many changes to the field and we were proactive. We looked at the changes that licensure is presenting, the questions about our qualifications and the changes in insurance reimbursement and dealt with each issue with creativity and activism.

The states that have approached licensure have had a strong urging from state-formed sleep associations to make the field stronger. Now other states are following the lead of these first brave states by creating state societies all over the country.

The AASM has undermined our credential and came out with their own. They have not been strong and up front about the whys and the hows. They misled people to believe that it was a lifetime credential, when in fact it is a 5-year credential just like the BRPT exam. They stated that the exam did not have a high enough pass rate, however the pass rate is equal to other medical professionals. The AAST, which is supposed to represent the technicians, did not stand up for them. Some strong, well-educated professionals decided to take matters in their own hands. New people ran for the board but they were not elected. So this year we see the creation of two new national sleep societies SPA and PASTA. Both groups are lead by knowledgeable technicians who love the field of sleep. Both are initiating conversation and education.  

We have watched the BRPT take the high road and become stronger for it. We have strong leaders there who understand that education is the future of sleep. They also understand that weakening the credential by dumbing down the test would help no one. They added CEC credentialing as a new role. They also have been vocal in their support of the sleep credential and the field of sleep as a whole. 

This has been a fantastic year of growth and change for our field. It shows how a small group of impassioned people can help to change the field. It shows that we are a growing field. It shows that the future is bright as long as we are willing to act.


Yes i agree, just came back from shore conference in ac, NJ. It was very interesting. I went to many sleep work shops and it was great!

fran, polysomnography, home care - respiratory therapist October 7, 2011 1:52 PM
ocean county NJ

Thank  you  for for this blog ---- am always on the look out of for like minded people

Margaret Wood, Sleep Tech October 6, 2011 7:44 AM

Great article Amy and we sleep professionals are proud of the fact that sleep medicine is on the forefront and "we" are forging in forward motion!  Thank you for keeping your finger on the pulse as there are so many changes happening.

Raquel Rothe, Sleep Medicine - Owner/President, Sleep EZ Diagnostic Center, Inc. October 1, 2011 5:08 PM
Salem VA

Great article Amy! Conversation and education are the keys to keep our future bright....thanks!

Marcia Thompson October 1, 2011 4:20 AM

Amy%0d%0a%0d%0aVery nice  article.  I %0d%0a%0d%0a  I will make  my comment short, because if something is truly good, a person doesnt need to sell it or persuade someone- - techs just  know. They are smart and some  the greatest folks I know-    Stay well!%0d%0a%0d%0aThanks%0d%0aBrendan Duffy%0d%0aPASTA

Brendan Duffy October 1, 2011 1:29 AM

Amy, thank you for a great article. The international Sleep Professionals Association (SPA) is now more than 700 strong and is in 11 countries.%0d%0a%0d%0aWe are advocates for the Sleep Profession and the sleep professionals within our industry including credentialed, student, and industry professionals. But our main focus is to maintain the RPSGT credential as the Gold Standard Credential around the world. %0d%0a%0d%0aFounding Membeship is free and we will be announcing many new member benefits in the coming months. We encourage the growth and the involvment of state societies and we are in fact helping several states start societies.%0d%0a%0d%0aThese are challenging times but they are also exciting times and SPA encourages working together through positive actions and cooperation to further our industry.

Joseph Anderson, , Co-Founder Sleep Professionals Association (SPA) September 30, 2011 9:50 PM

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