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Adventures in Sleep

Co-workers Inspire Praise

Published October 6, 2011 9:40 AM by Penny Mehaffey

It's sleep tech appreciation week and in that spirit I'd like to dedicate this blog to the wonderful group of sleep techs I work with. They are a mixed bag of personalities like I have come to suspect is the deal at a lot of sleep labs. But a more dedicated group of professionals you'd be hard pressed to find. 

These people come in early and stay late and volunteer at support group meetings every fourth Thursday of the month.

For the past six months they have worked at least one shift of overtime per week to cover the lab and why did they do this?  For the money or for the glory? Naah ... that's not it. Because it's expected or was mandatory? Nope. 

Well then why? I can tell you why. They rallied together to cover shifts when one tech had an extended illness and when another retired suddenly, and when deaths in families occurred and more untimely events beset us. They did it without skipping a beat just because we asked them to. Really. That's how they are -- one of the most caring, giving groups of people I've worked with. 

I am very proud of my co-workers and believe there is no better set of sleep techs anywhere. And in the face of all that,  plus budget cuts, downsizing and layoffs, they still show up with their shiny faces to staff meetings and shifts heavy laden with 2 year olds, ready to do whatever it takes to get the study done. 

So to Beverly, Joanna, Keneshia, Jordan and Jeri, thank you.  YOU GO GIRLS! YOU ROCK!


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