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Adventures in Sleep

Fun and Rules for Social Media in Your 'Sleep'

Published October 27, 2011 8:40 AM by Amy Reavis
In this day and age we are connected and disconnected all the time. It used to be just the phone became mobile but now everything in your life is on the go. If you do not think this is true just Google yourself! The things you will learn are amazing.

This ability to communicate can be used as a great tool. I can tell you that I have great fun with social media and sharing my knowledge of sleep with other techs, other managers and the general public. I have created relationships with people all over the world. I have mentors that I would never imagine I could have. I have also been given opportunities I never imagined anyone would give me.

My newest opportunity is to share my knowledge of sleep through a Twitter chat sponsored by Select Comfort. They wanted to share better sleep techniques with their customers and potential customers and they found some articles I had written and posted online. They enjoyed my articles and asked me to be a host. I believe this would be a fun opportunity and may help people start asking their PCPs about their sleep. It might also give me a chance to share some good sleep hygiene rules with people.

There are, however, rules that I know must be adhered to. I do not give medical advice. I am not a doctor and I do not know chat participants' whole medical history. I can not share examples of a patients' experiences because their information is private. I also want to make sure that the information I share is correct and up to date. I try to do this by massive reading. You would be amazed how much I read about sleep.

I am also looking forward to meeting some techs that I have talked to online at different events. I am planning on going to the AAST state leadership conference -- a  place where I will get the chance to meet some of the people I admire, who have started strong state societies. I am also getting to meet people at the FAST conference. This is where I got to use my media work to ask people to speak at the event. All of these experiences have been enhanced by social media: a great tool to help to grow your career, your knowledge and your network.


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