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Adventures in Sleep

A Sleep Tech's View of Stress

Published November 17, 2011 8:14 AM by Penny Mehaffey

STRESS ... it comes in many ways. This week, for me, it has been around every corner. I had to take a couple of hours off (came in late two days) in order to get in much-needed doctor's appointments. I mean, it's not like physicians will stay open late for us nine-to-fivers, so I had no choice really. 

The problem is, when I am out there is no one to do my job. Here is where the stress started, I'm late to work, wasting time at the doctor's office at an appointment I thought would take 30 minutes that lasted two freaking hours! I get to work and my boss has jokes to tell. Ha-freaking-Ha.

Repeat that the next day, except I came to work on time but had to take "lunch" at 10:15 a.m. to make my second doctor's appointment. Now we're up to Wednesday, good ol' hump day -- "it's all downhill from here" day -- and stress busts out a new trick: tornados! Yeah, while I'm at work a cluster of tornados develops. An eerie stillness fell over the city. You could feel the silence of the atmosphere inside the building. Then the sky went black in mid afternoon. I was actually thankful to be at work. It afforded me a sense of security, false as it may have been.

The phones started ringing, mom's calling to make sure we (me and Katie, our peds doc) stayed where we were. Not a problem since I was buried under a big ol pile of work anyway. Did I mention that I was running an MSLT too and my amplifier died rendering NAP OP 2 invalid and unreadable? Had to change rooms and now deal with a broken study after I already pulled my hair out trying to troubleshoot the artifact. Are you freaking kidding me?

A pain developed in my left eye and I was sure I was going to have a stroke, if the tornado didn't get me first.

So, that took me from 6 beds to 5 and then 2 patients canceled due to weather conditions leaving me with 3 patients for tonight ... stressssssssss ... you know how important numbers are this time of year. Oh, and we had a staff meeting too, so I left work two hours late.

 A few words of advice: Avoid stress, take time for yourself, have annual check -ups and get a good night's rest. Hmmm, to sleep, per chance to dream ... ahhhhhhhh.





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