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Adventures in Sleep

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmm..."

Published April 12, 2012 4:19 PM by Penny Mehaffey
Penny Mehaffey, RPSGTDo you ever feel like life doesn't make sense? Here are the things that make me go hmmm...

1) RPSGT determines optimal CPAP to be 9-11 cms H2O and the doctor prescribes CPAP 8. Patient returns complaining of snoring and fatigue. Hmmm.

2) Sheldon Cooper-archetype who debunks sleep studies as "hokum" is forced to have a sleep study and surprise, surprise, is found to be severe.

3) Overworked sleep tech has 4 days off, returns to work, and finds way to be more efficient at routine tasks. (I like'm, I love'm, I want some more of ‘em.)

4) Sleep tech finds that increase in activity (walking) is a great stress-buster and actually helps her sleep better...who'd have thunk it?

5) Patient is on CPAP 11 at home and falling asleep at work and while driving but doesn't understand why he needs to have another sleep study.

6) Mid-April in Augusta and 30 degrees last night? Hmmm. Where's Spring?

7) Sleep techs moonlights for every lab in area. We're one big happy family.

8) College student up all night and sleepy all day...hmmm

9) Boss makes special schedule arrangements for tech and then he still can'tmake the schedule work.

10) Finally, manager develops bald spot and rash on back of head accompanied by mumbling and facial tics.

Keep on keepin' on folks.  It's why we do what we do.

posted by Penny Mehaffey


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