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Adventures in Sleep

How Do Sleep Labs Handle Bad Publicity?

Published May 2, 2012 9:48 AM by Amy Reavis
Amy Korn Reavis, RPSGTIn the news this week, a pediatric sleep tech was accused of inappropriate contact with two underage children. The news channels jumped all over his role as a night-time tech who sets up children for studies, even though the alleged contact did not happen at work and he had no criminal record when he was hired five years ago.

Whether the person is guilty or innocent, the accusation will make people worry that something bad can happen at a sleep lab. This makes it essential that as a lab we develop a plan to help patients feel safe and secure. This is especially true when there are male techs and female patients or one tech and one patient at the facility. We need to plan for these scenarios and to work with our marketing people to make sure they can handle any questions that come up.

The biggest scare, however, is how we help to protect our profession. It only takes the misinterpretation of a move like putting on belts to ruin a life. We have to practice defensive medicine to protect ourselves and our futures. We need to make sure we are videotaping everything.  We need to remember that it just takes one person who may not have the best interests to ruin a career or a facility. 


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