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Adventures in Sleep

Nurses Week: Time to Thank a Nurse

Published May 10, 2012 9:42 AM by Penny Mehaffey
Penny Mehaffey, LPN, RPSGTIt is Nurses Week and I am a nurse as well as a sleep tech, so I can't stop myself from taking time to talk a little about the special people who have touched my life. 

We are the sum of our experiences and everything I have done in life has led me to where I am now. And, it's a good place. 

Along the way I have met some really wonderful people and some not so wonderful. But all have affected me and taught me something. For that I am grateful. 

I worked with a group when I first graduated from LPN school whose attitude toward new nurses was "I got mine, you get yours the best way you can." It was hard to work in that environment day in and day out but it made me very independent and secure in my knowledge. I had to grow up fast with that group.

Thankfully there were a couple of senior nurses on evening and night shift (Mrs. Beard and Mrs. Xochityl) who took me under their wings and mentored me those first years. 

I've also worked extensively in the ICU and float team. Great experience! I loved it. I never knew where I would be when I came to work or who I'd be working with. I learned the entire hospital and made friends all over the place. The best of the best to me were and still are the nurses on the team, who, sadly have passed on now. I will never forget them: Keri, the valley girl; Judy, who dubbed me her partner in crime (and I still try hard to live up to it); Muriel a very sweet spirited presence; Bobby, always joking and helping; and Amy, truly an angel among us.

Every experience I had as a nurse prepared me not only for the job but for life. I have the confidence to go anywhere and do anything because of what I've learned and done. To borrow a quip, NURSING, it's not just a job, IT'S AN ADVENTURE!

Editor's Note: Want to celebrate your nursing colleagues? Check out our sister publication, ADVANCE for Nurses, for certificates of appreciation, Twibbons for your Twitter account, and more!

posted by Penny Mehaffey


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