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Adventures in Sleep

Getting Ready For Vacation

Published June 7, 2012 10:24 AM by Penny Mehaffey
Penny Mehaffey, RPSGTWell, things are settling down and getting back to normal here. Post reaccreditation site visit daze is over. I am looking forward to a vacation. I haven't taken a true vacation in several years. I've taken little mini holidays and extended weekends but not a "vaaacaaashuuunn."...That's what I'm talking about. So, in a couple of weeks don't look for me in my usual spot. I will be, where? On vaaacaaashuuunn!

In the meantime, we hosted a CPAP refresher class in the lab last night. It went very well. Always does really. I believe we should update our skills at least once a year by bringing in the manufacturers and having them re-inservice us on the equipment and protocols. It's good for the night techs to hear information from new people from time to time.

I've been busy with patients every day this week and still have one to go tomorrow. I really enjoyed my patient yesterday. We got to talking about our little dawgs (dogs) but if you have a dawg you'll know what I mean. Mine is a shih tzu and his is a chiweenie. Just picturing that makes me smile. Anyway dogs, like people, have such great personalities and quirks. Ollie, my little dog, loves plastic: water bottles, tupperware, bottle caps, butter bowls. His mission is to mangle and I swear I don't know where he gets these things from. It's not like I leave this stuff laying around. My patient's little dog loves to chew clothing. He was telling me she chews gently but continuously. He fell asleep while she was chewing on his socks and woke the next morning with toeless socks. He was sleeping in the socks while she was chewing away. He called his wife to tell on the dog and the wife said that was nothing, the chiweenie had chewed her heels off!!

Can't make it up ya'll.

Have a good weekend!

posted by Penny Mehaffey


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