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Adventures in Sleep

In the Middle of Patient And Referral Source Disagreements

Published June 14, 2012 9:53 AM by Amy Reavis

Amy Reavis, RPSGTI received a phone call the other day from a patient who wanted a new CPAP machine. His was 10-years-old and knew he needed a new one. I told him to talk to his primary care doctor. The patient called me back and said that his doctor sent him to a pulmonologist who he did not want to see. He asked if my medical director could follow him instead.

I love being helpful to my patients but you run a thin line when you deal with going over a doctor's head. We have to keep our referral sources happy but also need to help our patients. I did make arrangements for this patient because I knew the primary care would not mind. However, there are some doctors that would not have been happy with this patient's choice.

As a technician or a manager or a patient advocate, we sometimes get put in the middle of hard decisions. The one thing that will always be in our favor is that the patient has a choice on who he or she sees. Just like they have a choice of which sleep lab they go to. If we work as a community we can make sure all the patients are well cared for. It is not all about competition; it is about good medical care and patient satisfaction.


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