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Adventures in Sleep

Post-Vacation Blues

Published July 19, 2012 9:49 AM by Penny Mehaffey

Penny Mehaffey, RPSGTI hope everyone's week is going good. I wish mine was going better...I have been in a weird kind of funk since vacation. I've been back long enough to be back in the swing of things, but it's just not happening.

I guess part of the problem is I took too much time off: 11 days. Someone else filled in for me (Thanks, Joanna!) so I really wasn't behind when I returned. But honestly, after 11 days my body did not want to go back to work mode.

It was almost impossible that first day back. I had two new sleep techs waiting for me to orient them. The orientation lasted about two to three weeks. It's hard for me at times to have all those extra people around. I typically am alone with a few "walk-ins" during the day. That is nothing like having two people following your every step, not to mention all the extra words I had to use.

The first week was the most disruptive because I had those two shadows and a teen volunteer helping me. (I love my teen volunteer, Frances, by the way, and sadly she is gone now.)

With the new techs on nights now and the day schedule back to normal, I should be better. I am keeping up, the pace is the same, but I don't feel the same. I don't feel settled yet. What's up with that??


Hodgepodge is my word for the day, and if you follow synchronicity, then it's the pattern for my life

August 2, 2012 12:48 PM

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