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Adventures in Sleep

Sure Signs of Fall

Published September 27, 2012 10:25 AM by Penny Mehaffey
Penny Mehaffey, RPSGTWith the passing of September 22, fall has officially begun. My family in North Carolina can tell it is here because they are experiencing some very cool temperatures and the turning of those beautiful leaves. No way to miss that.

Here in Georgia, we have certain ways to tell when fall arrives too: ragweed is everywhere, the asthma clinic doubles, Kleenex are rationed, and you wake with reddened eyes and feel like you have sandpaper for eyelids. My boss, bless his heart, has the first cold/sinus thing of the season.

The signs aren't all bad though. As leaves begin to turn on the trees along the mighty Savannah River, they rival the beauty seen along the Blue Ridge. The air cools to, oh, 6o degrees or so for about five minutes predawn. Bow season for deer hunting begins and alligator season is on. Oh, and sleep tech appreciation week nears!

This year, I also can add our Fall Seminar to the list of sure signs of fall. Our seminar on October 12 is a small educational event for sleep techs that we are offering free of charge. Physicians from our lab are speaking as well as clinical trainers from within the sleep industry. I hope that the response will be good and that we can offer it yearly.

It's very exciting to be on this side of the event for a change. Wish me luck... and send Kleenex.

posted by Penny Mehaffey


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