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Adventures in Sleep

What is Your Five Year Plan?

Published May 16, 2013 4:10 PM by Amy Reavis

In my last blog I discussed the serious issue of changes in our field -- changes that could affect job availability and job descriptions.  I never bring up a topic without trying to provide a solution.  My solutions may not be the best for you, but at least I want to give people some ideas and I hope you will share your feedback as well.

My first idea is that as a field we should not just rely on the AASM to protect the field.  We technicians have our own association that is more than willing to represent us, but it needs your involvement.  We have the AAST and ASET as recognized national associations, there are also regional and state associations who have hard working volunteers to represent us. The NBRC also represents our field as a profession as far as testing is concerned.  They are not designed to be an advocate, but they do make sure that the community does know that we are well-educated professionals who perform to best practices.

The next important issue is to consider licensure.  I know there are many who say licensure is just an expense, but it does have its place and will protect our field and assure professional best practices within each state.  We need more advocates in this area.

Education is the next big thing.  I have returned to school to get my MBA in healthcare administration.  I know it is hard for many, but education is an important part of creating a strong field.  We need more college programs across the country and in order for that to happen we need more professionals with bachelor degrees and master's degrees to run these programs.  We also need to hold ourselves to higher standards and obtain more continuing education. 

Finally, we should each know where we are going in the next five years.  A five-year plan is like a roadmap.  If you do not have it you will never arrive at your destination.  While wondering what to do for a time is fine, in the grand scheme of things it does not help make your life better.  That is what I want for all my readers and friends -- a better life.


Good comments Amy.  Yes, education is the key, and sleep techs need to stand strong.  Another opportunity is the BRPTs CSE credential that may be coming in the near future.


Michael August 10, 2013 7:44 PM

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