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Adventures in Sleep

New Equipment Brings New Anxiety

Published May 23, 2013 10:09 AM by Penny Mehaffey

Finally we were able to purchase new equipment for the lab that I have been dreaming about! I am expecting installation to begin next week and training the week after. 

The prep work on our end -- checking the existing cabling and wiring connections for compatibility with the new system -- has been going on for a couple of weeks now. And about half of it will need to be replaced since our current system is, don't tell anybody, fairly old. 

I have butterflies of anticipation. I am excited to have all new equipment ... and I am terrified to have all new equipment. Gone is the thrill of the hunt and purchase and it's been replaced with te occassional buyer's remorse and, "Oh no, what have I done?" 

What if we hate the new stuff and what if it's not as user-friendly as I thought, and nobody can work it?  That's the stuff nightmares are made of. I have been going to bed with visions of cable clutter in my head, and counting all the "what if's" that could go wrong.  You'd think I would know better than that, and I do, but I just can't help myself. Try as I might, I can't summon those lovely little friends of mine that usually help me fall asleep. I look for sheep and get cable snakes instead. 

On a happier, more personal note, my son is coming home on leave from the Air Force this week.  He will be home today and here for about 30 days. Yay! I had scheduled vacation for the first week of June, but the delays associated with the new equipment have intruded. Originally the plans were for the installation to take place mid-May, so I have given up the first half of the week to the install, and will take the remainder in another week or so after installation is completed.

So, to answer the million dollar question as to whether things are settling down, nope! And probably not anytime soon.  Maybe by the Fourth of July...

I miss my sheep.


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