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Adventures in Sleep

Sleep Lab Settles Down After Installation

Published June 20, 2013 10:58 AM by Penny Mehaffey

The lab is quieting down a bit now. It's beginning to look and feel almost normal again, with the completion of the installation over the last three weeks. There are still a few boxes that need to go away and little things like that to take care of, but basically we are on the new system. It is so nice too, shiny and fast. The hardest part has been forgetting the old. It's hard to stop comparing the systems. It's like trying to forget your boyfriend after a break-up.

My son Noah's leave is coming to an end. He heads back to Turkey on Monday. My house will be quieter too. I will miss him, but it's time.

So, I have planned a beach trip the second week of July for some well - deserved R&R. Really looking forward to that. The close of the fiscal year is under way. The next A.W.A.KE meeting is the fourth Thursday of July. The lab will be bustling with several summer volunteers and a couple of youth leadership events as well. So there is much to look forward to, and before we know it the summer will be gone.

Meanwhile, I am starting a CPAP trial at home. I am interested to see what happens. I have a very low AHI of 3 and a snore of 7. I hope I like it as well as I tell my patients that they will. Probably my next blog topic.


I, too, had a low AHI (7) but it was 40+ in REM.  I've been sleeping on CPAP for 1.5 years now and am pleased at how my brain has come back to life.  I may not have met my insurance company's criteria for OSA.  But, CPAP has helped me get a consistently good night's sleep with out awakening that were occuring every 2 hours.

Shelia, Sleep Center - Manager, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health June 24, 2013 11:49 AM
Lafayette IN

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