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Adventures in Sleep

The Latest Sleep Research

Published August 8, 2013 8:56 AM by Amy Reavis

We look at sleep studies and we use CPAP but how many of us actually read the new research out there? We have great new ways of marketing our labs by using this research. From the studies that associate sleep apnea with new stroke patients and recently performed ablations to the research on changes in EEG associated with ADHD, there is always new information to share with the primary care doctors who are in charge of patient's care.

One of the things I would include with my final reports was a new research article every month for the ordering doctors. They appreciated them -- especially if they had CMEs included -- and it helped to encourage sending new or different patients to our lab. It also helped because the doctors knew that I was keeping up on the field and that I was his go-to person if he had a question. Being that reliable person helped create credibility in the doctors' minds. Occasionally I would even get a doctor who would call with a question about something they did not understand. And if I happened to call a doctor about a patient, they would know I was knowledgeable enough that they should take the call seriously. 

When we share our knowledge, even if it is with a doctor, we help to grow our field. I am personally known as an original sleep geek and I am proud of that. I hope you all are as well.


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