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Adventures in Sleep

Fun in the Sleep Field

Published October 31, 2013 12:29 PM by Amy Reavis

As an instructor I can tell you that there is a great passion for the field of sleep. I met the passionate at the BRPT conference, I met them at the Florida Association conference and I meet them every day as I interview people who are interested in coming to my school. Then they go online and on Facebook and they hear the sky is falling. They hear people complain about patients and physicians and they wonder what I am talking about.

Social media is a strong influence on our field. We can use it to communicate with our peers and to help educate the world about sleep. We have to watch that we do not destroy our own field with that same tool. If the physicians see desperation, bad attitudes and poor education, then they will believe we are not the professionals we claim we are. 

I do believe we should use it to ask questions and to look for support on bad days. We just cannot complain about the people we serve. If prospective patients see a post that is derogatory, they may not go have the sleep studies they so desperately need because of their fear the techs they have will see them the same way, as a burden. The physicians who keep fighting for the cheaper tech will not see our value if they see a bunch of complaining techs.

Remember we went into this field because of a desire to change lives. Remember we have fun in the field. I love watching someone understand the 10/20 system for the first time. I love when a tech learns the value and art of scoring their studies. I truly love a patient then next morning when they finally got their first good night of sleep in years. Our field is fun -- we just need to remember it.

posted by Amy Reavis


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