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Adventures in Sleep

Elections and Volunteers

Published February 13, 2014 10:15 AM by Amy Reavis

This is that time of year when our associations are looking for us to step up to the plate. It is the time for us to have an influence on our field and those we chose to represent us. This is the time of year when I see so many complaints and so little action that I want to scream. 

I have volunteered for several years on the AAST communications and membership committee. I have been the president of the Florida Association of Sleep Technologists and I am working with ASET on their social media. Why do I spend so much time doing all this free, and unrecognized work? Because I believe in our field and because if we do not put ourselves out there and let the world know how valuable we are then HST and autopaps are going to take over. 

The fact is that it is our responsibility to work with our organizations and to vote for the officers. If we do not participate then we have no right to complain about our profession. If we do not join our professional organizations then we do not have a voice. If you do not like how it is run then run yourself or volunteer or, like me, write about your issues. Once I stated my issue with the black hole that was volunteering things changed. 

I may even decide one day to run for an office. But for now I back those who do and I vote in every election. I read the biographies and I check the people out on Linkedin. I am a person who is proud of my profession and I will continue to back those who feel as I do, even if I do not agree with them on every issue. They are stepping up and volunteering their time. I am proud to be part of the BRPT, AAST, AARC and ASET because they represent the fields I work in and that I am so devoted to.


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