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Adventures in Sleep

Community Service Is Necessary

Published February 27, 2014 9:20 AM by Amy Reavis

We are all in fields that need a little more representation. We are not nurses, doctors or x-ray technologists. Our fields are often misunderstood by those outside our field. As a program director for a neurodiagnostic technology program I have learned that almost no one knows what that is and that the word polysomnography is nothing more than a tongue twister. So how do we change the lack of knowledge of the fields? Volunteer in your community!

I have gathered a team to participate in the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida walk. During that time my team will be wearing our college logo and we will be there to answer questions. I have similarly volunteered with my students as well. It is always nice to educate people about our field of study. I am also involved with my respiratory therapy department where we are also doing a walk for the Lung Association. 

In addition, we are doing a community health fair at our school. This chance to give services to people who many not have the opportunity or the chance to be educated about health conditions will not just help the people who visit but will also help to educate the community about our fields of study. The goodwill goes a long way in the community when residents may need our services due to health issues. It is important that they know what an EEG tech, sleep tech and respiratory therapist does and how much education we have. And the best part is maybe one of the children will see what we do and decide that might be a good opportunity for the future.
posted by Amy Reavis


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