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classified vs certificated status for school OTs in CA

Last post 04-17-2018, 3:04 AM by nathan andrews. 2 replies.
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  •  08-18-2008, 6:00 PM

    classified vs certificated status for school OTs in CA

    Hi all,

     I've been posting on different sites re: this issue, but so far have not received any replies.... 

    I'm not sure if this issue exists in other states, but in California as a school OT you can be hired as "classified" staff or "certificated" staff.  Where I work we are hired as classified staff; whereas, all other teachers/specialists (ex:  speech therapists, nurses, vision specialists, etc.) are hired as "certificated" staff.  OTs are put in the same classification as administrative assistants, para educators, maintenance workers, etc.  This does not make sense to me; our everyday and yearly schedules are affected by this (we work 11 months out of the year; certificated staff work 182 days), we are mandated to work summer school (certificated are not), we work longer hours on a daily basis, and are limited salary-wise by a 5 step scale (certificated staff have a 25 step scale). Does anybody else have concerns about this issue?  I know some employers in CA do actually hire OTs as certificated staff...and I'm wondering if those who have been hired as such have had to have any "special" certificates?  It seems the difference at our site is that certificated staff have to have a credential that OTs are not required to get to work in the schools.

    The OTs here have gotten together and written something up to express our desire to be hired as certificated staff. This has been sumbitted to the appropriate people at the state level by our supervisor....

     If anybody has anything to share re: this issue, I'd love to hear back from you....thanks in advance for your replies!!


  •  02-25-2017, 10:17 PM

    Re: classified vs certificated status for school OTs in CA

    Did you have any resolution regarding this matter? Are OTs certified or classified as employees of public schools in CA?  Thanks for your time.
  •  04-17-2018, 3:04 AM

    Re: classified vs certificated status for school OTs in CA

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