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Lighting the way to an iPad cognitive assessment

Last post 02-15-2019, 11:12 PM by james bowers. 3 replies.
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  •  03-19-2015, 4:06 PM

    Lighting the way to an iPad cognitive assessment

    How many of you have thought, "There must be a better way to document, communicate, evaluate, etc...."?

    As occupational therapists, many of us our innovative by nature, helping our patients/clients find new and better ways to be functional.  We adapt equipment, modify environments, teach compensatory patterns and strategies, and give our all to the people we work with. 

    But, have you ever applied that same energy and perseverance to improving a tool that could be generalized to the greater OT community? 

     About 3 years ago a light bulb went off in my head during a conversation with colleagues about cognitive evaluation tools. The discussion we were having was about making a more efficient process, while collecting better information.  Often these two goals are add odds with each other.  We were administering the same old paper based cognitive assessments, and finding ourselves taking up the entire first session of therapy administering, scoring, and reviewing results with our patients.  And, the data we were obtaining from these assessments still was only as good as we were at administering them.  The light bulb that went off in my head that day was to develop an electronic, touchscreen cognitive assessment that a patient could take on their own.  

    I've had ideas in the past, but have never seen them through to the end.  I didn't want to let another idea fade off into the distance, so instead of putting it aside, I immediately began to research and network in an effort to see that this idea was explored to the fullest extend possible. 

    About 2 years after the light-bulb lit up in my mind, we rolled our newly created cognitive assessment out to market.  We had spent over a year on development, and then another year on refinement and normative data collection.  The result was an iPad based cognitive assessment that could simply be handed to a person to take.  And then, about 20 minutes later a full 4 page report was created to review and file into the record.  

    We called this new tool The Standardized Touchscreen Assessment of Cognition (STAC), and we were very happy with the final product.

     The best part is that we were able to take an idea and see it through to the end where a tangible product was born.  

     As innovators in healthcare, I urge you to do the same!  When those light-bulbs go off in your head, explore them.  You may just have that next great idea that changes the landscape.

     If you'd like to read more about STAC, you can find information at 

     I welcome questions and comments 

    All the best,


  •  01-28-2019, 9:20 AM

    Re: Lighting the way to an iPad cognitive assessment

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    Re: Lighting the way to an iPad cognitive assessment

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  •  02-15-2019, 11:12 PM

    Re: Lighting the way to an iPad cognitive assessment