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scope of practice in Pa.

Last post 08-31-2008, 6:55 PM by Barbara Benn. 7 replies.
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  •  06-02-2005, 7:36 PM

    scope of practice in Pa.

    Does anyone know in the state of Pa., if LPN's are allowed to perform platelet pheresis on platelet donors?

    I tried contacting the State Board, but was told that it was to be determined by  the facillity  I worked for wether it would be within the Scope of Practice'.

      Hello???????? Did the State Board write this? They are telling me they can't make that determination?

    I tried contacting the Nuring Dept. of the hospital I work in, only to be shuffled off to another dept for answers - which I am still waiting for a return phone call.

    The issue here is -  would I be adminsitrating Blood or blood products?


  •  06-07-2005, 9:49 PM

    Blood and blood products

    The administration of blood and blood products is only to be administered by registered nurses in the state of Pa. The Pa. State Board of Nursing is a regulatory body, not a legislative one.

     The purpose of the Board is to ensure safe nursing services for the citizens of the Commonwealth.(State Board of Nursing, Pennsylania Code Title 49 Professional anf Vocational Standards, Chp.21)

    You can go online at the state board of nursing to check out your nurse practice act.

    There is also an opportunity to sit on the Board. I believe there are 2 LPN positions and one of them held by Ricard Kerr, President of NAPNES is up this month. There is an application online. I believe you apply, then must get appointed by the Governer. I think it is a 6 year term. It's worth looking into.

    LPNs can now take verbal orders within the State of Pa. now, within our scope of practice. However, it is up to the facility to interpret that and can restrict your scope how they want.   

    I hope this was helpful!


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  •  06-10-2005, 1:24 PM

    RE:Blood and blood products

     I  am being told by some nurses  that this is not an administration of blood or blood products, since the blood  is not collected outside the body, but simply passes through tubing and is return. ( You have an acess line and a return line).

    In my opinion this can be interpretated in two ways. Since the blood is being returned to the body, therefore  I consider it an administration of blood, even though it is this person's own blood. Some may not agree with this, as I have pointed out above

     The ' Scope of Practice' does not clearly define this. It just simply states that you cannot as an LPN administer blood or blood products. It is an open end to interpretation to anyway that you personally see it.

    You are giving me a grey answer- I am looking for a black or white answer.

  •  06-10-2005, 7:42 PM

    RE:RE:Blood and blood products

    This is what I know. Platelets are blood products. Platelet pheresis is the removal of platelets from the withdrawn blood and then the remainder of the blood is reinfused into the patient. That to me, is administration of blood and therefore out of LPN scope of practice. I am trying to get a hold of our IV/medication manager for the hospital for an official word, but I really think that it is out of the scope. Please let me know what you find out!!



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  •  06-13-2005, 1:24 PM

    RE:RE:RE:Blood and blood products

    I spoke with my Dept. Manager (who is not a nurse), which told me that at York Hospital they have Med Techs running these machines, no nurses at all.  I am still investigating to see if this is true or not. She keeps insisting that it is allright. I am in agreement with you 100%. I beleive this is out of our scope.  I am still waiting for our Nurse Educator to respond back. She is also investigating this situation, but I haven't heard back from her over a week now. Someone also brought up the fact that it's the same principle as Dialysis- and LPN's do work in those units. I'm still unsure where to go next.Hopefully, someone will come up with the answer soon.

    Thanks for the info


  •  03-15-2006, 11:07 AM

    RE:RE:RE:RE:Blood and blood products

    IN New York State LPN's can hang blood and products.  Why? Because the shortage is forcing hospitals to allow LPNs to be the nurses they are. I had to take an 8 hr course and was 'certified' by the facility where I worked.  IM not going for my RN because I have since moved to FL and its only a matter of time before they do the same and I want the salary!!!
  •  08-31-2008, 6:47 PM

    Re: RE:RE:RE:RE:Blood and blood products

    In response to the medication aides in AZ. , yes there is concern about them as well as the Med techs.they have not had any theory or class room time and hands on time as the LN has.

    Here in the U.S. we need to bring on all the LPNs and RNs we possibly can. Until this county includes the LPNs in the nursing shortage there will not be much hope for the hands on care that the aging population needs. Most LPNs have years of experience. You can ask any RN if she or he would rather have and LPN work with them or a Med tech/medication aide, you will here '' I want the LPN any day of the week". Cost cutting in the medical facility's will come back to haunt them. If I were a patient, then make sure my care/meds are given to me by  either the LPN or RN.

    Thank you 

    Barbara Benn LPN Class of 1981,Ventura CA.Community College

  •  08-31-2008, 6:55 PM

    Re: RE:RE:RE:RE:Blood and blood products

    Offer classes and broaden the scoop of nursing for LPNs, use them!! , or our nursing shortage will get worse across the county. most places are looking for RN BSNs. Well Good Luck. There are still many diploma RNs and they are not being used in some places. Nothing like the health field shooting them selves in the foot..

    Thanks for reading.