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LPNS Must Stand Together!

Last post 10-06-2008, 4:39 PM by Diane Williams. 4 replies.
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  •  04-13-2006, 3:10 PM

    LPNS Must Stand Together!



      LPNs have earned the right and deserve to have their voices heard!  LPNs are essential to the medical profession.  LPNs have got to have their interests protected by having representation, when nursing organizations...legislators...the government...and health agencies are all making decisions that affect the LPN profession and future!!!

      This is where the National Federation of LPNs comes in!  The NFLPN watches your back! Everyone wants change, but are any of you members?  The NFLPN cannot support and protect LPNs without members!

      It is soooo important for LPNs to stand up and be counted! LPNs deal with discrimination daily and we do complain about this....but only to each other, and on bullentin boards like this!  Very , very few of stand up and do something about it!  That has to change!!!

      The NFLPN provides leadership, representation and guidance to our members.   IF you want respect, and to be treated something about it!

      Join the NFLPN - There are approximately 1.2 MILLION LPNs in this country....Just imagine the changes we could make by standing united and making certain your opinions are voiced loud and clear to the appropriate people!!

      LPNs RULE! 

      Call me at 1-800-691-7915 and join the effort!  Let's quit complaining and do something about it!!!! 

      Thanks, Melanie from the NFLPN

  •  05-06-2008, 3:05 PM

    Re: LPNS Must Stand Together!

    I am a member, now tell me what else I can do?  Just paying my dues does not seem like enough activity.  What else can I DO?
  •  09-08-2008, 9:58 PM

    Re: LPNS Must Stand Together!

    Please explain to all of us LPN's exactly what the NFLPN has done to try to promote the advancement of our license and promote the opportunities to foster the respect of State Boards of Nursing so they will stop minimizing the LPN scope of practice and put up more and more fences due to some arrogance which many RN's perpetuate with their heirarchical attitudes trying to eliminate jobs for LPN's.

    Why should LPN's give their hard earned money to this organization? Exactly what changes have they brought about in recent years to stop the wave of a broken system that fosters foreign RN nurses more opportunities to take jobs from LPN's who could career ladder in a year to the ADN degree for the same job? Who is the advocate and voice for all the LPN's? The NFLPN needs to scream out that LPN's ARE vital and important nurses. Lately one hears of the "professional nurse". Since when did this reference come about which precludes the LPN to also be referred to as a professional nurse. It may be semantics but it clearly infers to demean and insult the LPN

    The NFLPN needs to clearly and forcefully demand to the State Boards of Nursing to give LPN's the right to work in the hospitals in which we are trained. It is extremely rare if not impossible for the LPN to be offered any position because of the changes which went on in the 1980's trying to eliminate the LPN altogether. Training programs for current LPN's should be honest to their students and inform them that the chances to work in the hospital environment will be slim to none for new graduates, just as they are for seasoned LPN's. Only the few who have been there for many years may still be working in the hospitals. Majority of others are only finding jobs in nursing homes and long term care. LPN's should be given more educational opportunity and more available seats in the community college to go 1 more year to get their ADN. Unless someone fixes this problem this broken system will crash at the expense of the communities it is designed to serve. Look how many hospitals have had to close in New Jersey alone. Increased costs, not enough reimbursement. Let LPN's work in the hospitals they trained in and stop the nonsense which is costing this nations health care system to fail miserably.

    With all of the echelon of bachelor degree RN's and master degree RN's and Nurse practitioners, and Doctorate in Nursing degree nurses, who is doing the most basic of bedside care? In this one upmanship attitude it cripples many LPN's who are striving to continue their degrees. There are not enough instructors for nursing programs, the programs turn away qualified students. This is an outrage.  Convince us LPN's that our money will be well spent and speak for the voice of those of us who are tired of being treated poorly by coworkers who think only they as an RN can do assessments. To have tension arise when the RN's refuse to respect the LPN's opinion and input is only going to cause greater dissatisfaction leading to LPN's leaving the field of nursing. Many will think twice before entering this job field the way things are proceeding.    


  •  09-12-2008, 12:41 PM

    Re: LPNS Must Stand Together!

    Yes we do.  As an LPN for more years then I care to admit to.  RN's back each other and support each other and here in Fla the FNA has helped them get a lot of support and advancement and as far as Correctiona in which I work....they get hazard pay and or offered may other things that as LPN's we are not.  We need to support and back each other and the NFLPN needs to be the first step.  Let be heard and proud of what we do and lets get the respect that we deserve.  I support the NFLPN but they can't help if we don't support them so they can.  I would love to join.
  •  10-06-2008, 4:39 PM

    Re: LPNS Must Stand Together!

    Lisa, I commend you on your highly articulate statement of which I hope resonates to NFLPN. 

    I am a member of NFLPN as a student nurse and will soon become licensed in the state of Illinois.  During my 'Practical Nurse' studies the instructors made it clear to us that being a LPN should only be a stepping stone and not a career choice.  Once an instructor during the middle of demonstrating a nursing procedure stopped herself and said "Oh, you are only going to be LPNs you don't need to know this."  That was a most daunting experience.  Having two master level degrees in other fields I know that instruction should not stop at what you think a student may be able to comprehend or master. Raise the bar and the student will rise to the occassion.   Yes, I do believe that more respect should be given to the LPN and what each is capable in the practice of nursing.   States should increase the scope of practice to cover all that is part of the 'Practical Nurse' curriculum and testings; I believe LPNs will successfully rise to the occassion.  LPNs do need a voice and I hope that more LPNs will join NFLPN and most importantly I hope NFLPN will effect positive change sooner than later for LPNs everywhere.